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Our zero profit, 0% interest Mortgage Program is designed to help qualified families attain affordable, safe, and decent housing. For this population, it doesn't matter how hard they work or how low interest rates are, they'll probably never earn or save enough to qualify for a mortgage without assistance.

Consistent with our "hands up" versus  "hands out" model, participants will own and buy their home but the cost is significantly reduced both in terms of lower principal and 0% financing allowing them to typically own for less than renting.

Habitat families are involved in the building of their home and are required to contribute "sweat equity" in the process. In exchange, they benefit from a new and affordable home with a 0% interest mortgage.

Application process:

  1. Applicant completes the interest form (below).
  2. Based upon information provided, families will be directed to the appropriate resources to assist them with their housing needs and circumstances.
  3. For those initially meeting the requirements for a Habitat Home, they will be invited to a New Homeowner Orientation and assisted with completing full application.
  4. the completed application will be reviewed by the Family Selection Committee who then selects families for recommendation to the full Board for final approval.

In addition to the 0% Interest Mortgage Program, we have additional resources to assist families who qualify for a mortgage regardless of obstacles caused by credit, financial, or debt issues. We actively refer to other resources and organizations to help all families who complete a pre-application.

Let's get started with Step One! Please complete the simple web-form below and we'll follow up with you shortly.

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